Nissan JUKE – the secret weapon for “carmonious” journeys

  • A new study reveals the top triggers of in-car disputes for European motorists, with dangerous overtaking the number one culprit (39%)
  • 72% identify using a phone or texting while driving as the worst driving habit
  • Safe driving (59%) and great tunes (55%) are crucial ingredients for an enjoyable journey, with music taking priority over nearly everything else
  • In response to the findings, Nissan launches the JUKE crossover’s Stress-Free Driving Guide, bringing harmony to car journeys

Drivers and passengers could reduce the stress of their shared car journeys if they only took some simple steps to plan their journey, their listening material and took some simple steps to drive more considerately. This is the conclusion from the findings of a new survey from Nissan(1) highlighting the most common causes of stress between drivers and passengers on a car journey.

The study discovered that unsafe driving and mobile phone usage are the leading causes of in-car arguments for European motorists. 45% identified using the phone or texting while driving as the principle reason for disputes between occupants. Meanwhile, 39% identified dangerous overtaking as the biggest cause and more than a third of motorists pinpointing last-minute braking (35%) as the top culprits.

European motorists’ top five causes of in-car arguments:

  1. Using the phone while driving/texting while driving (45%)
  2. Dangerous overtaking (39%)
  3. Last-minute braking (35%)
  4. Sudden or harsh braking unnecessarily (33%)
  5. Tailgating (32%)

In response to the feedback of motorists in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, Nissan also launches Nissan JUKE’s Stress-Free Driving Guide. Drawing on the intuitive technology and confidence-inspiring assistance features with which the Nissan JUKE is equipped to reduce the stress of day-to-day driving, the guide shares top tips for drivers and passengers to have an enjoyable and relaxing experience for every outing in the car – helping to keep in-car arguments and their causes at bay.

“As we all look to reconnect with the enjoyment of driving again, it’s crucial to understand that the secret to a harmonious car journey can often be found in the car itself,” said Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO. “This new research confirms Nissan’s belief that the strategy of equipping their vehicle with intuitive technology helps to reduce the stress and maximise the convenience on every journey.”

“Nissan is committed to helping drivers and passengers alike feel safe, comfortable and happy on the road. Offering advanced driving assistance features, seamless connectivity and a premium-feel interior, the Nissan JUKE makes the driving experience both entertaining and relaxing for everyone on-board,” Arnaud Charpentier added.

As well as being the chief causes of in-car friction, unsafe driving and mobile phone usage have an even wider impact for the on-road experience. Nearly three-quarters [72%] of the survey participants state that using the phone while driving or texting behind the wheel are together the worst driving habits and a large source of stress between drivers and passengers.

Furthermore, these traits are even more concerning for European drivers than dangerous overtaking and tailgating, with 59% and 55% selecting these as the worst habits respectively.

When it comes to avoiding in-car arguments, European drivers can call on a range of technological features to maintain in-car harmony. Over a third of respondents [37%] highlighted the use of digital navigation aides as the ideal solution, followed by advanced safety features (34%) such as intelligent cruise control for peace of mind, followed by hands-free mobile phone technology (33%) and driving assistance technologies (32%), such as the around view monitor on the Nissan JUKE which gives a 360 degree of the car’s surroundings, allowing easy and risk-free parking manoeuvres.

Motorists value good tunes above nearly all else for great car journeys

In addition to the top causes of tension on the road, the research also sheds light on what European motorists favour for an enjoyable, stress-free journey.

Safe driving (59%) and good music (55%) are the order of the day for European drivers, with these identified as the most important ingredients for enhancing enjoyment behind the wheel.

Even when being driven by others, half (50%) of European motorists prioritise music as the top way of putting the joy into the journey, as 32% state that agreement on music choices is one of the most important. Coming ahead of finding a good parking spot (24%), top tunes are prized over practicality for European drivers.

Drivers are creatures of comfort

When it comes to the in-car features that make an enjoyable journey, comfort and technology continue to be front-of-mind. Nearly two-thirds [62%] of European motorists choose comfy seats above all, with spacious interiors (43%) the second most-popular – making serenity and relaxation the key priorities for a harmonious and relaxing car journey.

The technological wish-list revealed

European drivers crave multiple aspects of in-vehicle technology to help them behind the wheel; advanced safety features (39%), navigation technology (39%), hands-free mobile phone functionality (36%) and smartphone connectivity (35%) proved to be the most popular for making car journeys more enjoyable.

Featuring seamless connectivity and infotainment with NissanConnect, as well as advanced driving assistance technologies such as Nissan ProPILOT, the Nissan JUKE offers drivers an entertaining and reassuring driving experience. Nissan JUKE’s Stress-Free Driving Guide shows motorists how they can bring more relaxation and harmony to their daily drive:

Nissan JUKE’s Stress-Free Driving Guide

  1. Hands-free for stress-free!

Did you know… New research from Nissan has found that using the phone whilst driving is European drivers’ number one WORST driving habit. As well as being dangerous, it can also cause in-car arguments with passengers who feel unsafe!

JUKE drivers can minimise any discord with their passengers thanks to seamless smartphone integration with NissanConnect, making and receiving hands-free calls simple and safe. And with the compatibility of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, incoming calls and messages can be safely digested.(2)

  1. Good music the key to joyful driving

Did you know… 55% of Europeans believe good music is the most important ingredient for an enjoyable car journey! Have a great journey by ensuring everyone has time to shine as a DJ and taking it in turns to select songs. Agree on a playlist with your passengers before you depart.

JUKE occupants can enjoy their road-trip playlists using JUKE’s NissanConnect infotainment system which connects seamlessly to smartphones, and enjoy exquisite audio with the Bose Personal Plus system for driver and front passenger, either from the JUKE’s onboard player or via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. All passengers can also use JUKE’s In-Car Wi-Fi hotspot to enjoy their own tunes if they prefer! (2)

  1. Smooth sailing

Did you know… 46% of European drivers single out tailgating as one of the most irritating driving habits behind the wheel? Keep any sudden surprises at bay by giving yourself at least two seconds’ following distance to the vehicle in front (remember, this is a bigger gap the faster you are driving!).

JUKE’s ProPILOT advanced driving assistance system not only helps drivers maintain a set distance on the highway – it also accelerates and decelerates to match the car in front and will help the JUKE stay in lane.(2)

  1. Enjoy a break

Did you know… Nearly one in five European drivers admit to battling through tiredness and not stopping regularly on long journeys. We all feel drained during a long car journey, so take the time to pull over and have a rest; whether it’s a nap or a coffee, it’ll keep you alert and everyone on-board safe and sound.

JUKE can identify if the driver is showing signs of fatigue. Intelligent Driver Alertness keeps a watchful eye on the driver’s steering patterns, and alerts them with a chime and a coffee cup icon on the display screen to remind them to take a break.(2)

  1. Spot the car!

Did you know… 56% of European car passengers admit that dangerous and misjudged overtakes make them feel most uneasy in the car. When going for the overtake, always take a good look around to make sure the next lane is clear and there’s nothing coming up quickly behind you.

JUKE’s Blind Spot Intervention gives drivers a heads-up if it detects a vehicle in an adjacent lane on the highway. If the driver doesn’t respond, it will help the car to return to its original lane with braking intervention. (2)

The Nissan JUKE is a compact crossover designed for taming the city streets. Manufactured in Sunderland, UK, it is powered by an efficient 1.0-litre three-cylinder DIG-T turbocharged petrol engine which produces 114 PS(3), giving a compelling combination of agile performance, fuel economy and refinement. Connected services and over-the-air updates make the new JUKE the most connected Nissan ever. Depending on model grade, the car comes with NissanConnect, an 8–inch touch screen monitor, In-Car Wi-Fi hotspot and voice recognition. Nissan’s ProPILOT technology offers electronically assisted steering, acceleration and braking. Designed for highway use in single-lane traffic, ProPILOT is available on JUKE for the first time.